With Guitar Star you will:

 1. Learn by playing songs that you know and love 

(no 'Row, Row Your Boat'... promise)


2. Get results fast and easily - and have lots of fun doing it!


3. Understand enough practical theory to de-mystify the guitar

(but avoid feeling like you're doing a Masters in Classical Music Theory)


4. Learn a wide range of styles, genres and approaches, and become a

well-rounded and highly effective guitarist.


5. Do it all from the comfort of your own lounge!

(yes... we come to you.)


Teaching Levels:         absolute  beginner  to  intermediate

Ages:        8  to  108

Prices:       1/2 hour = $30      1 hour = $50


For more information please fill out the 'contact us' form below or

call Ollie on        0417 704 828

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